Shirley Delicious confections make perfect hostess gifts and party favors (for baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and more)—and we can customize the packaging to suit your desires. But you also don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to a little everyday indulgence!

All of our confections are made with clean ingredients, free from artificial dyes, preservatives and GMOs. 


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Craving something nutty and crunchy, and chocolatey to boot? Well you’ve come to the right place. Shirley Delicious English Toffee is made from a secret family recipe with the finest ingredients available. And each piece is individually hand-dipped in dark Belgian chocolate. (Milk chocolate is available by special-order.)

The toffee is offered in both traditional and organic versions and is gluten-free to please all your chums! Pair it with a cuppa tea (or coffee) and imagine yourself relaxing like a royal in the British countryside. 



Feeling tired; bummed out; need a boost? Shirley's CEJO’s to the rescue! Made with organic pretzels, milk chocolate and candy-coated chocolate pieces, they are just the thing—and the perfect mix of salty and sweet. We promise you “Can’t Eat Just One”… don't say we didn't warn you!



We offer a wide variety of sizes and packages for our products and are happy to customize packaging to meet your specific needs!  We also offer discounts for bulk orders.  Check out the gallery for some creative options!  Call or send an email to get a quote for your special occasion!

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12oz bag-plain.jpg

“A Little Taste”

This small 2oz package was named in memory of my mother-in-law Mary.   In her 80’s she was a diabetic, and when dessert was served, she would say, “I’ll just have a little taste.” It’s the perfect size for a party favor or to satisfy that sweet craving after a meal!

Regular English Toffee  $5.00 

Organic Toffee $6.00

CEJO’s  $5.00

Double Jar.JPG

“The Teacher Appreciation”

This item was named in honor of the teachers who inspired us to start this business, and who have been the biggest fans of our toffee for the past 4 years.  We have gifted it to them as a way of showing our deep appreciation, and here is an opportunity for you to do the same!  It also makes an excellent gift for a coach, tutor, or really anyone who makes your life easier and deserves some “Chocolatey” gratitude!

Small Jar:  

Regular English Toffee (5oz) $15.00 

Organic Toffee $17.00

CEJO’s  $15.00

Large Jar:  

Regular English Toffee (10oz) $25.00 

Organic Toffee $30.00

CEJO’s  $25.00

6oz bag W horizontal.jpg
12oz CEJO.jpg

“The Thank-You”

This package contains 6oz of confections and is the perfect size for a hostess gift or a generous party favor at a fancy dinner party.  It is finished with silk ribbon giving it a more elegant presentation. 

Regular English Toffee  $15.00

Organic Toffee $18.00

CEJO’s  $15.00


6oz CEJO.jpg
20z bag-plain.jpg

“The BIG Love”

  If you really want to make a lasting impression, or just take your time savoring the delicious-ness, go for the 12oz bag.  It is also finished with silk ribbon to make a beautiful gift. 


Regular English Toffee $30.00 

Organic Toffee $34.00

CEJO’s  $30.00